Future Class & Makloud - Good Dope (SLVR Remix)


Future Class & Makloud - Good Dope (SLVR Remix)
  • Future Class & Makloud - Good Dope (SLVR Remix)

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    Skink banger "Good Dope" by Future Class & Makloud receives a heavy make-over by SLVR.
    Last year Future Class & Makloud released their groovy house record "Good Dope" on Skink. With over 3 Million streams we asked our italian friend SLVR to make a banging remix of this one and he did! SLVR made the filthy sounds of "Good Dope" even filthier and added a bass/tech house touch to it. The SLVR remix of "Good Dope" is now available on your favorite streaming portal, so don't forget to add this groundbreaking tune to your playlist and stream it as much as you can handle.

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