You Make My Day - V.O.X

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You Make My Day - V.O.X
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    A little too much coffee,
    Watching date-night shows on TV
    I was thinking 'bout how we could have begin
    A same kinda story.

    The more I miss your smile,
    The harder I find it to
    Forget the way you hold his hand. And yes,
    It kills me inside.

    Everything you do
    Reveals a ton of naked truth
    That I will never be with you
    But I guess I'll have to say

    You are the only one that I
    Wanna see today
    Cuz the pretty smile on your face
    Will really make my day

    Thinking about you every single day and single night
    I want you to be with me
    I swear I'm gonna make you feel happy

    I love the way you move
    And all the things you do
    You mean everything to me that no one else can see

    Nothing that you do
    Gives me hints to reach your heart
    Still I won’t go another day without you in my life
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