Friday Night Funkin' Neo OST - Illusion [8D AUDIO]


Friday Night Funkin' Neo OST - Illusion [8D AUDIO]
  • Now this one was a very special find. I definitely had fun making this :)

    Play Friday Night Funkin'!:
    Play the mod for yourself:

    (Proper credit goes to their original creators)

    What is 8D Audio?
    ‘8D audio’ is created by combining equalization techniques, panning, and effects. Equalization is the process of changing the balance of different frequencies in audio. Panning, in short, is the technique of distributing sound on various audio channels. These components combined give the listener a feeling of having the music playing from within their head.


    (Why hello there...)

    Well look at this, all the children in one place now!
    Hope you mind if I upstage you.
    Thought I'd drop by to lay your careers to waste now!
    Tear you apart
    Rip out your music' heart and rip out
    All your real hearts too!

    This world's grown so toothless and tame.
    It's replacing the monster
    That made an art of killing!










    (Oh… laaa laa laaa, laa laa laaaa, laaa laaa. Oooh)

    What have you got,
    Just a couple corny jumpscares?
    Screaming for a second's no time
    Terror comes from knowing
    Your demise is waiting for you everywhere!
    But don't you worry
    We won't see your end coming
    When your eyes are mine

    (See you soon little Boyfriend~)
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